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D.F.W. Economic Solutions is committed to providing resources aligned with community care and the well-being of humanity. Our goal is to provide solutions to economic barriers that would restrict the availability of safe and affordable housing to underserved communities. We aim to add value and confidence to those we serve. We do this by creating vibrant and thriving communities through providing resources and opportunity to its people. Our endeavors reach those who are incarcerated, mothers behind bars, children with incarcerated parents, and the homeless population. Reducing the housing crisis in DFW is our top priority. The work we do at D.F.W. Economic Solutions is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving some of our society’s biggest challenges. We make sure our partners are informed by having discussion forums whereas we can lock arms and collectively serve those in need. Rather we are tackling food insecurity, the need for housing, credit counseling, home-ownership obstacles, education and employment barriers to convicted felons, our passion for humanity drives our efforts. We were created to serve.

Current Partnered Organizations:

T.O.R.I Texas Offender's Reentry Initiative

Dallas 24-hour Club

Nexus Recovery

TurtleCreek Recovery

Dallas Transitional Center

Ft. Worth Transitional Center

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Texas Department of Parole & Supervision

Covington Consulting

Ginger Beasley Foundation

Salvation Army (SAFP Program)

Sunrise Village Apartments

Southern Oaks Apartments

Our Agency is currently working with the above providers or have in the past to provide housing or resources through our programs

Leadership Team

D.F.W. Economic Solutions is comprised of local business owners who unite to bring vision, opportunity, and resources to the community. The Advisory Board consists of Christian Leadership who possess a wealth of experience in consulting, enterprise, social work, philanthropy. Partnerships with correctional facilities and Community Supervision Agents allow out Programs to flourish with the wisdom needed to be effective.


We believe all humans can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

To create thriving communities by providing affordable housing, resources, and opportunities that will lead to economic growth and self sufficiency.

Our Vision

To expand through strategic partnerships and create diverse programs that are innovative in design.  These programs will empower the community and bring economic wholeness and fair opportunities.

Core Values


Developing strategic alliances that will allow a greater capacity to serve those in need.



Providing tools and opportunity that will aid in self-sufficiency, future partnerships, and growth.



Becoming a voice for the people to empower and transform communities and lives.


Making communities thrive through innovative ideas and connections.


Creating responsible relationships between local businesses and communities

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