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In 2019, MDHA's (Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance) State of Homeless Address reported that in the City of Dallas there were 3,722 persons were reported as experiencing homelessness; of which 1,153 were unsheltered. In Dallas and Collin County combined a total of 4,538 persons were reported experiencing homeless; of which 1,452 were unsheltered. 

Among those are mothers and children, previously incarcerated, and even veterans. At DFW Economic Solutions, we offer immediate housing solutions to these individuals along with an array of necessary resources.


It should also be noted that each year approximately 700,000 individuals return home from state prisons in the United States and an additional 9 million are released from county jails. More than 10% of those coming in and out of prisons and jails are homeless in the months preceding and following their incarceration (Council of State Governments, 2016).

Where will these individuals live post-release and will they become victims of chronic homelessness?

On a single night in January 2019 there were an estimated 171,670 people in families — or 53,692 family households — were identified as homeless.

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On the same night, there were approximately 14,779 people in families were living on the street, in a car, or in another place not meant for human habitation.

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Between October 1, 2016, and September 30, 2017, an estimated 478,718 people in 150,630 family households used an emergency shelter or a transitional housing program.

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These relevant factors are what drive our efforts to provide IMMEDIATE housing solutions!

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